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I’m glad you found my web­site. I would like to invi­te you to learn more about my work by brow­sing through the fol­lo­wing pages. They will pro­vi­de you with infor­ma­ti­on on my work and pro­fes­sio­nal ser­vices as an Ara­bist. The­se pri­ma­ri­ly aim at sci­en­tists and sci­en­ti­fic insti­tu­ti­ons. Take your time to look around!


My name is Alex­an­der Weber. I’m an Ara­bist, lite­ra­tu­re lover, free spi­rit and an aes­the­te.


  • Tea­ching
  • Edi­t­ing
  • Proofrea­ding
  • Trans­la­ti­on

For a more detail­ed ver­si­on, click the fol­lo­wing but­ton.

In any case, the trans­la­tor must not was­te too much time try­ing to avo­id gai­ning some­thing, becau­se when trans­la­ting, one is not so much likely to gain as to lose some­thing.

Umber­to Eco: Expe­ri­en­ces in trans­la­ti­on

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